That was, well, um ( warning: bad pun alert) Wicked.

So yesterday was my Moms birthday. We decided  to take her to Wicked. ( It was a side story to the wizard of Oz, about the wicked witch of the west.) I thought it was pretty interesting to watch, on how the good guys were kind a the bad guys. Over all I thought it was O.K, because it was not really my thing. Now I tell you of the semi-scary events of before the play. So my moms “bffl” ( I still have no clue what that means besides roughly friend.) decided to reserve a LIMO! Why oh why would you do that?!?! So i sucked up my limo-phobia and got in and realized something, because besides the driver, I was the only boy. urg. So all the way to the city I was listening to girl chatter on the dance, which was cleared up to be a party, but I got some inside info from the fact I won a election for student council, and they said it was a dance. Its all so confusing. So I got there, saw the show and met with my grandpa, who I was sleeping over with, and walked to (guess what?) the movies! This time I got to choose what we saw. I chose Red, and it was Sooooooo funny. What a day.

Do you have any experiences with birthdays or shows? Please comment.

My first dance

I have a holloween dance coming up and don’t know who to ask, and it really creeping me out! Why would they make a dance in sixth grade? It’s just strange.

Having 8 teachers is weird too because I am so used to one class room and it just is on overload (I kinda got over it a while ago, but it was tough.) On the good side the lunch food is good. I am learning to play piano in school, but it sounds better on paper, because one teacher and 20something kids is tough.

How do you feel about school? Please comment.

sleep away camp

I love sleep away camp. Here is a little list of things I did at camp: just frolic around on a big field all,learn how to shoot/handle a gun (real 22  rifle. not a pop gun. just making myself clear.) ,  learn how to play cricket, rugby, and netball, sit around and sunbath while enjoying a pear, get sleep deprivation (no joke!), learn to sail 6 types of boats, complain about sleep deprivation , eat (food=good!), do a 4 mile race and come in 5th, set table, get treated like a servant for the meal (everyone has to do this. It’s a rule that a camper has to set the table, clear the table, and get toppings for the table.) , laugh at other kids when they get treated like servants, make a box out of wood that you sawed,nail it together, ad hinges and maybe spray paint it, go to nurse after sawing myself between my thumb and pointer finger, make a shelter in the woods, sleep overnight in it, find out you made your fort on a hill and find out your friend slid down the hill and though the wall (the wall was made out of logs. LOGS! how do you do that!?!) fall down off a 30 foot platform, only to be caught by your rope and harness, take nap……..ZzZzZzZzZZzzzZzzzZzZzZzzzzz

WAKE UP! I’m not done yet!

learn how to fly fish, realize you pole just broke the sound barrier and end blog post. whoo! Thats a tongue tier!

Sleep away camp

On Sunday I will be going to sleep away camp for 3 weeks, no electronics, no blogging (not that you would notice, considering how little I’ve been blogging lately ) . I have to say thats the #1 reason I look forward to summer. I really don’t know what I will do this year, but it will be good. I will blog about it in 3 weeks!

So hot!

I know I whine about weather, 105 degrees (Fahrenheit)  on our funny (semi-reliable) thermometer! I felt like I was melting! I had my noisy and tiny fan going like nuts (yeah, try to sleep with that screeching in your face!). I am so ready for winter it’s not funny ( Hey you won’t see me complaining when I fall into the snow in a T-shirt ((it happens)) !) . On a totally different note, I haven’t blogged in a while!

The end

Well, this is it. My last post for the time being (possibly forever). I ran out of ideas that are actually interesting. I might have some interesting things to blog about in middle school but right now its just out of me, so this might be the end.

I remember this really good book that I liked when I was little, I think it was called goodnight moon or something. Heres something that I think is fun, but might be called poetry ( 🙁 ). Tell me what you think. Here I go;

Goodnight comments page,

Goodnight bad puns,

Goodnight voki,

Goodnight calendar,

Goodnight typing at unreasonable hours (haha),

Goodnight spell check,

Goodnight classmate blogs,

Goodnight people who read my blog,

Goodnight posts,

Goodnight pages,

Goodnight cluster map,

Goodnight random person falling down the stairs,

Goodnight toolbar,

Goodnight hit counter,

Goodnight site admin,

Goodnight Dylan’s blog,

Goodnight blogging.

lots of travel in a few weeks…

Over the course of the week and a half, I have had lots of time in a car,boat, or plane. My Grandma and Grandpa love boats (and puppies!) so my cousin and I went on there boat  a lot. It’s pretty relaxing because we really were just swimming ( or jumping of the high point in my case ). Then we drove from Tennessee to New York. 13 hours in one day. Ouch. I think I will never look at road trips the same way. Tomorrow I am going home (6 more hours! yay!) in a car. I went to Tennessee on a plane (2 hours , really not bad.) and sat next to a nice lady who didn’t talk to much.

do you go on road trips or like to travel? Please comment.

blogging! A history, definition, political stuff I won’t read, ect.

I looked up blogging online, and it said in short blogging was a diary online. Nice. I feel totally manly right now. It said something about it having something to do with it being politicly dangerous, being hard to control, and controversy over it being mainstream media or not. heres the site:

My thoughts: Wow, I am totally not reading this.

What I did: read (some) of it out of the fact that I was putting on my blog.

What do you think?

Happy birthday to me!

It is almost my birthday! I will be 12. I will be in Tennessee for it, so I won’t be able to annoy my sisters with a party that shakes the earth for revenge (my youngest sister had a big party that I blogged about a while ago). Nothing serious happens when I turn 12, as far as I can tell. It’s a birthday, none the less, so something has to happen! When I turned 10 I was a decade old, 11 was one one which is kinda cool, and next year I will be a (hopefully not to moody and sleep obsessed) teenager! My birthday is July 1st, yes, 3 days from the birth of America (Um, just out of common sense, thats about 230 years and 3 days.). At our school (that I just left from!) hand out birthday pencils (they really care! They give us pencils with cheesy slogans on them!) on your birthday. My birthday is over the summer, so should have gotten my pencil on new years, but we were out of school on break Christmas vacation (merry Christmas to anyone on the other side of the world) so I got it late. I wonder if there’s birthday pencils in the middle school?

Do you have birthday traditions? Please comment.